Air Traffic Consulting provides INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS for Your Air Navigation Services


Managing the transition from today into the future through enabling true cooperation of all concerned within your organisation through involvement in the change process from the very beginning.

Evolution, innovation, change are the buzz words in any business environment of today’s world. Air Navigation Services are not exempted. The rule of ‘either you change or you will be changed’ is also valid for the air transport sector. Commercial and environmental priorities are pushing current business models out of the circle. While the technical evolution is still advancing onlyslowly the number of airspace users in the air at a given time increases constantly. Even the best functioning organisations need to look ahead to plane their own business evolution. For some companies the necessary change will be significant.

Change cannot be ordered – it usually creates resistance as people feel insecure. Change – reasons and plans need to be communicated to everyone in the entire company in order to be understood and supported.

Going from today’s service provision to a more future oriented business model means not only substantial investments in the technical system transformation but also in keeping the well experienced staff  motivated to conquer the new horizon.

Social aspects need to be carefully considered, as some functions in the company may change or even disappear, while other functions will change and new functions are created. It is of utmost importance to keep staff informed about the change process from the earliest beginning and also to have them involved as much as possible in defining the and their own transition/evolution. A change process is a team effort.

We help you to guide your organisation through the necessary transition into the future, stimulating a supportive attitude of your staff to smoothen the difficult transformation effects, allowing to deliver better performance quicker.