Air Traffic Consulting provides INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS for Your Air Navigation Services


Analysing the current situation, defining the needs for responding successfully to future growth, choosing the right technologies and operational concepts for your specific needs in view of regional and global developments, preparing the transition strategy into the future. 

 You operate well along proven principles, using legacy technical systems and can rely on a dedicated and well experienced staff. The unprecedented air traffic increase ahead drives you to consider equipment modernisation and possible changes to your business model. 

The European regulators are increasingly pushing for better service performance at lower costs for airspace users and finally the passengers. Also new entrants are appearing – drones, etc. airspace is getting used by more and very different operators. This needs a re-evaluation of the proven way of doing business as the traditional way of providing Air Navigation Services reaches its limits. A complete system evolution was already seen necessary in 2004 when the European Union launched the SESAR project.
Such an evolution of your business needs to be carefully. 

Such an evolution of your business needs to be carefully built on solid analysis of what needs to be changed, what can be kept, or what needs to be newly acquired. Key is to deliver better performance at less costs.

Traditionally Air Navigation Service Providers developed and owned their own dedicated infrastructure with the system manufacturers. Contrary to airplanes, which have already highly standardised systems for decades, the ANSP’s infrastructure is hardly standardised, resulting in very high costs of ownership: acquisition, staff training and maintenance. Satellite navigation systems are already globally used. Now satellite based surveillance systems and communication based on data-link are getting ready to be deployed. Also Flight Data Processing Systems are getting now much more commonly designed and operated, bringing costs substantially down while at the same time enabling better performance and cross-border cooperation.

New business models appear with remote control towers and virtualised air traffic control centres, based on digital data management and provision.

We help you to identify the right configuration for your future service provision business and airspace users can take full benefit of their on-board equipment and the overall performance improvement. Our neutral view from outside your organisation helps you in defining your specific growth path
for your business and the necessary transition in a clear and well-structured way.