Air Traffic Consulting provides INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS for Your Air Navigation Services


We are living in a world of communication. Having good plans and concepts to improve business and performance is often not enough. To deliver the expected benefits you need the acceptance and buy-in from stakeholders and institutional decision makers, such as your customers, the European Commission and others.

You have ideas and plans to improve your organisation’s service performance. You are thinking out of the box and need support for your plans, as you are part of a network and your actions will affect other players as well. Without the support of others your project cannot deliver what you expect. Here contacts and communication is key. And this communication needs to be targeted to the right people and decision makers to make your ideas and plans fly.

As political decision makers are usually not at all experts in aviation matters it is important to get their support for your project through the provision of tailored information to them. This information must be clear, focused and easy understandable for non-specialists.

Through our proven experience in advocacy and our contacts to the European institutions and government representatives we help your projects and plans to be realised with the appropriate understanding and support of the relevant decision makers.

We develop plans with you to create information documents and advocacy campaigns tailor-made for presenting your case effectively.

Our network of relevant people is stretched over the entire landscape of the global aviation value chain, including international organisations such as ICAO, IATA, ACI and many others. Our cooperation with these organisations and the European institutions on aviation matters has created a trustful environment from which you can take profit for your case to be made.