Guenter Martis

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Guenter Martis
Founder & Senior Aviation Adviser


Guenter has a vast experience in working in leading positions in different associations of airlines and air navigation service providers. For many years he contributed substantially to the progress of the European aviation sector. 

He is well respected at the European Institutions (Parliament, Council, Commission) as a reliable contributor bringing people and ideas together. His way to build bridges was respected by many players in the European Aviation value chain, including the Unions of the Air Transport Workers and Air Traffic Controllers.

In his positions he was strong in discussions but always ready for compromises when helpful for progress to influence European Aviation legislation in a way to support the industry as a whole.

Guenter is a passionate thinker beyond borders, considering the longer term effects on the industry and the society.

His latest engagement is on the rise of artificial intelligence, the consequences of its wider application on business strategies and in the social/workforce developments.

Previously, Guenter worked as Director European Affairs of CANSO (Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation) and was responsible for CANSO’s activities and initiatives in Europe and promotes and facilitates the development of air navigation services Europe. He represented CANSO, its Members and the ATM industry with governmental and industry bodies. These included ICAO, the European Union’s institutions (Parliament, Council, Commission), the Industry Consultation Body (ICB), the SESAR Joint Undertaking Administrative Board, EUROCONTROL and the EU Social Dialogue, which he co-chaired over eight years together with ETF and ATCEUC.

Guenter was also Director Europe for Safety, Operations and Infrastructure at IATA (the International Air Transport Association) and General Manager Technical and Operations at the AEA (the Association of European Airlines). His aviation experience started with Austrian Airlines in the avionics engineering department, going up to Manager Aircraft and Fleet Development – Future Technologies. As a member of the AEEC, the Aeronautical Electrics Engineering Committee, Guenter was as well engaged in the creation of standards for electrical aircraft system.