Author: Guenter Martis

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The Future with ASAS ?

The Future with ASAS ? Who does remember ASAS – the Airborne Separation Assurance System? Yes, there was something some time ago, wasn’t it?….. In times where TCAS was not yet a requirement on airplanes ASAS was already intensively discussed as the tool for airborne separation of airplanes, based on the ADS-B technology. Even a…
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Remote Towers – The Game Changer

Remote Towers – The Game Changer On 21 April 2015 LFV (Luftfartsverket – Sweden) presented their first Remote Tower system in Sundsvall to the public. Those who attended this event not only saw an impressive demonstration of what is technically possible but also realised the long process from the first thought until the first official…
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A new European Air Traffic Management

Let’s do it – for Europe’s Aviation The advances in Artificial Intelligence are for sure the biggest game changer to global businesses as well as to our personal life. Machine learning and Natural Language Processing technologies celebrate enormous advances and have already conquered our life – even if we do not realise it at the first glance. With AI,…
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