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provides innovative solutions for
 Air Navigation Service Providers and Users.

Effective Air Traffic Management is essential for modern air transport
fulfilling the needs of our societies and economies.
Key is seamless aircraft operation through world’s airspace.
Future-oriented Air Traffic Management benefits from
latest technology developments and new operational concepts
managed by human performance.


We help Air Navigation Service Providers and their customers when airspace capacity gets limited

Increasing air traffic everywhere stretches the capacity of existing Air Traffic Management systems to their very end. They have no reserves for future traffic increase and do not provide a response to societal needs on sustainable growth, as outdated technologies, methodologies and airspace organisation cannot anymore provide the needed air transport capacity.

New ATM technologies are under discussion, research and development for many years and need now to be deployed with accelerated speed.
Simplified, automated, harmonized and globally standardized ATM systems are key for coping with the traffic developments ahead of us.

Air Traffic Consulting
helps States and their institutions, airspace users, air navigation service providers and airports to identify their sustainable growth path focusing on reasonable solution.

Improve Safety, Efficiency, Punctuality, Sustainability in new ways

Building on the latest results of Air Traffic Management research programs we help to develop tailored solutions for ATM system modernisation and upgrades in response to current and future air traffic developments – in the air and on the ground.

Our key competence is the combination of different expertise to define the right solution for your needs in an impartial and unbiased way, driving performance increase in the major key
performance areas of safety, capacity, efficiency and environmental sustainability.

We look beyond current technologies and consider the increasing application of automation with Artificial Intelligence in combination with human expertise, as it is already applied in many different transport sectors.


We offer customized solutions!

Our view on global developments in aviation and technology allows us to identify specific solutions for your individual needs


Analysing the current situation; defining the needs for responding successfully to future growth; choosing the right technologies and operational concepts for your specific needs in view of regional and global developments; preparing the transition strategy into the future. 


Managing the transition from today into the future through enabling true cooperation of all concerned within your organisation through involvement in the change process from the very beginning.


We are living in a world of communication. Having good plans and concepts to improve business and performance is often not enough. To deliver the expected benefits you need the acceptance and buy-in from stakeholders and institutional decision makers, such as your customers, the European Commission and others.


Air Traffic Consulting’s mission is to accelerate the Air Navigation’s transition to efficiency and sustainability

Guenter Martis is the founder and the Senior Aviation Adviser at Air Traffic Consulting. Based on a long and unique experience in advocacy for Airlines and Air Navigation Service Providers, Guenter has a deep understanding of technology developments and their effects on business strategies with a solid network to the institutions of the European Union and the major Aviation Organisations. 

Guenter MARTIS

With a vast experience as Director and in leading positions in different associations of airlines and air navigation service providers, Guenter connects people and ideas for a safe, sustainable and efficient growth of aviation. For many years, he contributed substantially to the European Aviation sector. 

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